The Benefits Of Using Music Therapy To Treat Mental Illnesses

Music therapy can be used to help alleviate symptoms of a number of conditions. It is often used to help children with ADD or ADHD. Music therapy can also be used for anxiety, stress, and pain. Learning how to use music as therapy for your particular condition will not only help you overcome the negative side effects of medication, but it can also provide you with some important lifestyle benefits as well.


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Like all forms of therapy, there are some potential risks that must be considered before using music to help you. Music can have an effect on the nervous system, and this can cause any number of problems. This includes mood swings, which are commonly associated with mood disorders. If you start using music to help you, however, you should talk to your doctor to make sure the side effects are something that you can handle. Often the side effects of medications may outweigh the benefits in the long run.

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An added benefit of using music to help you overcome the effects of a disorder is that it is easy to play for yourself. Because music is so easily accessible, it is less expensive than taking prescription drugs. With the opportunity to choose how many songs you want to listen to, your therapist can tailor a program for you that will work best for you.

Other benefits

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The best way to understand whether or not music therapy is effective for you is to have a basic understanding of what the disorder can do to your brain. For example, if you suffer from ADD or ADHD, your brain has a tendency to wander off track. This is because the disorder causes your brain to perform tasks that it was not designed to do. Stimulants can help to fix this problem by working to enhance the brain’s natural abilities to focus and control the mind.


Music is also a great way to help you relax and unwind after a long day at work. Not only does it help you focus, but it can help to get rid of stress and help you feel calmer. It can also be used to help alleviate pain, although it is best to consult your physician to find out what kind of music is right for you.

Although music has some bad side effects, it can also be very helpful. This is especially true when your child has an anxiety disorder. Using music to help your child relax can be a great way to break the cycle of a life full of constant worry.

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It is important to talk to your doctor before you try to use music to combat a specific therapy. Your doctor may even recommend a controlled trial of music therapy to get your thoughts in order before moving forward with medication.